Kontent Machine Tutorial – Master of Content Creation


Today November 4, 2013 there has been a new release of software for creating content for your link building campaigns called Kontent Machine 3.
kontent machine tutorial has gone through quite a number of changes over the last year and a bit and this last change is the largest of all of them done previously.
First off they changed the whole interface which looks more refined and is definitely more user friendly as well.
km 3 software home pageA few more of the changes that have really improved this software for content creation is:
Campaign settings – One of the new features that pops out right when you open the software is the new Blueprint icon. Here you can setup Kontent Machine tutorial in many various ways without ever losing those settings. So every time you need to use Kontent Machine tutorial 3 in a different way you can make a blueprint and load it and then build your new campaign with these settings. I used to have to tweak the software with different settings every time I needed to make small changes in how I wanted my spinning etc. to be done.
They added a quality setting so you can select the type or level of tier your content is being built for. So from a drop down menu you can select tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3+.
km 3 building tiered projectsWhat each setting does is well described within the software but in general the type and level of spinning on the scraped content gets to be a lower quality of article on each level, starting at the highest level of quality on a tier 1 to the lowest on a tier 3. You can change the default settings but I see no need to at this time of writing this review.
Also they have added the ability to do content curration and co-citations as well as branding by having Kontent Machine tutorial input your naked url or branding into the articles automatically.

add own content kontent machine tutorial

Add Your Own Content
You can now add your own content into the beginning, middle or end of the articles to make them more unique or just to add your own twist on things. Again you can input links or whatever you like into this area.
Kontent Machine 3 now makes it easier to add authority URLs into the articles by having the ability now to search for these URLs within Kontent Machine when setting up contextual links or other types of links.

Ready with Kontent Machine Tutorial and Review

If you do not have a list of keywords for your anchors, here again Kontent Machine has stepped up and included this function within the software when setting up your links. So no longer do you need to go to any other software like Scrapebox etc. to find keywords.
Generic keywords – Once again you do not have to have your own list, as when doing your settings for links Kontent Machine 3 will build a list for you with just a couple of clicks.

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