BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review

Standard – Their free accounts give you access to 200MB of disk space, 5GB of data transfer, 2 domains and 5 sub-domains, 5 POP3 email accounts and webmail.

Awesome WebSpace – A provider of free web hosting with no forced banner ads on your bluehost wordpress hosting review site. All free accounts come with 8GB of file storage, 8GB of transfer, PHP5, MySQL and more.

Bravenet – Now hosting vb project over 1 million websites, a free account gets you 1.5GB of bandwidth, 50MB of disk space, website builders and your site is ad supported. They also have a referral program that pays you up to cheap ssl $100 dollars for every person you refer to their service.

DotEasy – Their $0 dollar hosting plan comes with 100MB of storage, 1GB of bandwidth, 10 php projects email accounts and no forced advertisements.

FatHippoHosting – Free hosting plan comes with 10GB of disk space, 5GB of data free hosting and domain transfer, free domain hosting, free sub-domain, PHP 5, FTP and AW Stats for keeping track of your visitors.

FateBack – Free hosting plan comes with 60MB of disk space, free FTP, unlimited bandwidth computerized library system project, the ability to host unlimited websites and more, running on Linux servers.

Fortune City – Free ad supported web hosting. 100 MB of storage, web and FTP access, easy blogging tool and more.

Scratch is a visual programming language, so rather than typing code, you drag-and-drop building blocks in order to create simple programs. This presents a simple, approachable way to teach your child about how software is built, and programming concepts like conditionals, iteration and recursion.

Free Hostia – A free account gives you 250MB of data storage, 5GB of bandwidth, 3 free hosting website POP3 email accounts, access for up to 10 sub-domains, free one click install scripts, video tutorials for java projects easy learning and more.

But don’t let the simplified nature of Scratch fool you. Just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean you’re restricted in what you create. People have built everything from games – like a multiplayer pong game – to animations – like a whimsical greeting card – to interactive art.

Free Hosties – Their free hosting comes with PHP 5, MySql, 5 sub-domains, FTP free web hosting no ads access, automatic script installer and the backend is powered by Vista Panel. They do not place forced advertisements on your site.


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