WEB HOSTING TOOLBOX: 130+ Resources for Your Web Hosting Needs


Every website, even your personal blog, has to run on a server somewhere. This free hosting site list comprises some of the free and paid hosting options open to you, and for the adventurous, links to setting up your own servers!

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Free Web Hosts 000WebHost.com – bluehost reviews Unlimited full domains, 250MB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth and cPanel controls. There is no forced advertising to clutter up your pages. 110MB – Get 24×7 server monitoring bca final year source, 24×7 customer support, no forced ads, 10 MySql databases, 2GB of web space and front page extensions for free.

200MB Host – Their free cheap ssl plan comes with 150MB of disk space, 4GB of data transfer, one domain, one MySql database, Microsoft FrontPage support and more. Installing Kivy on Linux is easy. If you’re using a Debian based distro, do this.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kivy-team/kivy sudo apt-get install python-kivy Instructions on how to install Ubuntu for OpenSUSE, Gentoo and Fedora can be found here. Learn The Fundamentals of Code With Scratch

50Webs.com – Free hosting php project plan comes with support for unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, 60MB of disk space, 1 email address, file manager and a WYSIWYG file editor.Scratch isn’t a programming language that’ll give you a lucrative programming career. But that’s fine. It’s not intended for that. Rather, it’s used to teach the basic concepts behind computer science.

AgilityHoster – Free hosting vb projects provider that gives you 200MB of disk space, 5GB data transfer, PHP, Perl, CGI and MySQL, 5 email accounts and more. ATB Host – They offer free java project web space, free hosting, and paid hosting for all of your needs with your own domain or subdomain.

AtSpace.com – Here is a free web hosting company that gives you unlimited traffic, 50MB free website hosting and domain of web space and no forced advertising. All accounts come with POP3 email, free data backups, free FTP and instant account setup, to get you started.

If you’ve got a younger child who is yet to take a formal computer science lesson, and you want to introduce them to programming, you might want to consider installing Scratch – available for OS X, Windows and Linux. Aplus.net – Offers a full range of products all the way through marketing and turn-key ecommerece solutions.

BlueCentral – Focuses more on company hosting than individual, also offers developer hosting, domain registrations and more.BlueHost – Professional level hosting, but only offers one package, generous transfer allotment at 3TB.

Brinkster – Multiple datacenters, hosting packages from $4 a month to $28 with up to 500GB of storage. Cibe.net – Focuses on virtual hosting plans, so packages appear a little smaller than shared hosting providers.

Concentric – A clustered host providing numerous plans for all budgets, and levels of experience. DiscountASP.net – Heavy free web host focus on Microsoft hosting, and a Gold Certified Partner.

Dot5 Hosting – Offers only one level of package, but as low as $4.95 a month if paying for 2 years in advance.

Dream Host – One of the best known hosts, offers four levels of hosting with weekly storage and bandwidth bonuses for as long as you’re with the company.

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