Free Hosting and Domain


HostZeroCost – All accounts have 10GB web space, 10GB bandwidth, 3 MySQL Databases, PHP scripting and a free subdomain.

HyperPHP – Their free bannerless hosting plans come with 250MB of disk space, bca project topics in php 6GB of data transfer, up to 5 add-on domains, 1 FTP account, PHP MyAdmin and more.


IFastNet – they need a pleasant free package that features 300MB of whmcs coupon code disc space, 6GB of information measure, PHP scripting support, free MySql info, instant account activation and a lot of.

IpowerHosts – Get your website on-line with 25MB of disc space, 2GB of information measure, free internet based mostly email, free information backups, internet instrument panel, guest book, file manager, on-line web site builder and a lot of.

LeadHoster – They have easy cheap wildcard ssl one-click-installation tools helping you to setup web-based open source applications like phpBB forums, Joomla content management, AdvancedGuestBook, WordPress, PhpFusion, Xoops Portals and many others.

And because it’s Python, you’re still using the same, gentle syntax your child has probably learned in school.

A good starting point for learning Kivy is on the official Kivy documentation, where they’ve built a simple Pong game. Here, you can learn how with whmcs promotional code a few lines of code, you can place objects onto the screen, control the game’s physics, and even keep track of scores. – Free hosting plan comes with your own personal domain name, 250MB of best free website hosting disk space, 5GB of bandwidth, unlimited POP3 email accounts, shared SSL, PHP, CGI and more.

MyFreeWebhost – All accounts have 120MB space, 1000MB bandwidth, 3 MySQL Databases, PHP scripting and no advertisements. – A free PHP and MySql hosting provider. Free hosting includes the popular bluehost wordpress hosting cPanel control panel, 300MB of disk space, 6MB of bandwidth, FTP account and more. This demo game is licensed under the MIT license – a free, permissive software license that permits making modifications and copies – so you can turn it into your own game, and share it online bluehost wordpress hosting without having to ask permission first. You can even build Android APKs, and distribute your Kivy game on the Apple app store. But for a more guided tutorial for Kivy, check out Richard Jones’s PyCon Montreal talk. – Offers best free web hosting 50MB of free hosting space to it’s users. You also get 500MB of bandwidth and a free online web page editor. Plus no forced ads or pop-ups.

NoFeeHost-Free Windows hosting with 100MB of disk space, ASP support, FTP access, an online control panel and more.

PHPNet – Their free vb projects PHP enabled hosting plan comes with 300MB of disk space, 6GB of monthly transfer, automatic script installer, no setup fee and instant activation of your account.

RipWay – Full PHP scripting support, 30MB of storage, no forced banners, unlimited access to your files and dedicated customer service.

EhostPros – Offers reseller hosting, ASP hosting, ,NET hosting and dedicated server free hosting sites web hosting plans. Has an annual doubling of storage and bandwidth. – Offers hosting, reseller packages, dedicated servers, all running on Linux.

FastNext – Offers all your normal hosting options and dedicated servers running for php projects with source code as little as $39.95 a month.

Friendlier – Has three levels of shared hosting packages, script installer included. – Currently hosting over 100,000 sites, and offers packages with up to 5TB of storage.

GlowHost – Numerous java projects shared hosting packages, dedicated servers, VPS and more.

Go Daddy – One of the best known names for domain registration and low cost virtual servers.

Host4Half – Offers shared hosting, reseller packages, email hosting, and ecommerce hosting.

Host Department – Multiple, low-cost packages, pay for 2 years up-front and receive 6 free

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